Important Elements To Add Into Your Home Drapery Design

The design of your home's furnishings makes up the appearance and feeling within your home along with its comfort. The window coverings you add into your home's interior additionally help you manage your home's windows and their appearance and to let in light, provide a view to the outside, and control the interior climate. Here are some important elements to include with your window draperies and their design for an improved appearance and better home energy efficiency.

Wall Coverage

Your draperies will be placed upon the wall around your home's interior window openings to manage the entry of light into your home. For this reason, it is a good idea if you consider how they will sit against the wall and how far they reach to the ceiling or the floor. Some draperies are short and just come to below the window frame. This type of drapery is good for privacy and to block out the sun, but if you want to boost the drapery's insulation properties you will want to look for a longer length of drapery fabric.

A drapery that falls all the way to the floor or skims just above the floor will help elongate their appearance and your room's height and can also help control drafts. In the winter, cold drafts can enter through your window glass and flow down the wall onto the floor. But a drapery will help block the cold air and keep the room warmer. Similarly, a drapery that connects with the wall at the top of the window will help block in and out temperature fluctuations for a more comfortable environment.

Fabric Materials

One of the most obvious characteristics about your draperies is the type of material they are made of. The pattern or colors of the fabric will make an attractive color scheme for your decor. Look for a solid color fabric or a pattern fabric to go with the type of design in the room's space. If you want to brighten the room and give it a larger appearance, look for white or light-colored fabrics, such as white, ivory, or yellow. Darker colors, such as navy blue, dark green, and maroon will make the room appear smaller overall.

In addition to the appearance of the fabric, also take into consideration the type of fabric and if it contains a lining. For draperies to block out heat and cold from coming into the window you will want a drapery that has a fabric lining made of woven light-colored fabric. The weaving in the fabric threads traps a layer of air between the lining and the drapery to protect from heat transfer into or out of the window.

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