3 Ways Granite Restoration Services Can Get Your Countertop Looking Like New Again

You probably chose granite counters for your kitchen because the granite company told you they would last forever. Now, a few years have passed, and your granite is showing some wear. It does not look perfect anymore, and you are questioning that "forever" promise. Here's the thing: granite counters can last forever, but they do need some servicing to keep them looking their best. Here are three different ways a granite and marble restoration service can get your counters looking like new again.

1. Stain Removal

If you left an oily sauce, a dribble of mustard, or some other substance on the counter for too long, it may have leached in past the sealant and stained your counter. A granite restoration service can remove the stain using a process called poulticing. They will apply a special poultice to the counter, leave it in place for a few hours, and then remove it. The staining material will be drawn up into the poultice. They might need to repeat the poulticing two or three times for deep stains, but they can almost always get your counter looking even again.

2. Honing

If the finish on your granite is starting to look a little dull or uneven, a refinishing service can perform a procedure called honing. Basically, they will use a very abrasive substance to buff and wear away the outer layer of the granite, resulting in a smooth and more even surface. You will usually want to follow up honing with a resealing procedure since honing will remove any sealer on the granite.

3. Resealing

If your granite does not have any noticeable stains and is just beginning to look a bit matte, but not uneven, then you might just need to reseal it. Your granite restoration professional will use a special solution to remove what remains of the old sealer. Then, they will apply a new layer of the sealer to the granite. You won't be able to use your counter for a few days as the sealer has to cure, but when that process is complete, your granite should look as good as new. It will also be easier to clean and will be better protected against stains.

If your granite countertop just looks unsightly, but you're not sure how to fix that issue, contact a restoration team and have them take a look. They can make a personalized recommendation for you.

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