2 Reasons To Clean Your Gutters Before Winter

With winter quickly approaching, your thoughts may be turning toward getting your house ready for the cold, wintry weather ahead. As part of your efforts, make sure you do not forget to clean out your gutters for the reasons that follow.

1.  Water Freezes and Expands Inside the Gutters

One reason you should clean out your gutters before winter sets in is to minimize the amount of water that accumulates in them. If leaves, twigs, and other debris are blocking the flow, the water will not be able to drain completely.

When it rains, the water will have no place to go. Then, when the temperatures drop below freezing, the water will turn to ice. This water accumulation will then be compounded by any sleet or snow that falls into the gutters. Then, during the day when the sun's rays hit the gutters' contents, melting will occur but will freeze once evening arrives.

As the ice forms and grows, it will expand within the gutters. This expansion will then put pressure on the seams, which could pull them apart and create leaks. Once spring comes back around, your gutters may seem like a veritable sieve when it rains.

2.  Ice Dams Form and Damage Your Home's Roof

Even if the formation of ice within your gutters does not pull apart the seams or otherwise damage them, it can still cause another problem that could cause damage outside of your gutters. When the gutters are unable to drain water away from your roof, ice dams can form along the edges.

As snow, sleet, and water drainage roll along the roof and toward your gutters, the flow will be stopped by any blockages within them. As a result, ice will form and form cascade along the ends of your roof.

When these ice dams form, their weight puts stress on your roof. As the dams continue to grow, they can eventually cause your roof to split or cracks, breaking off pieces of the roof itself. Once this happens, there is a good chance that the roof may start leaking, especially once the ice dams start to melt.

Although you know you should clean out your gutters before winter, you may not have the proper equipment or be unable to do the job yourself. If so, contact a business that offers gutter cleaning services, like Mile High Seamless Gutters, to discuss your options for having them do the task for you.

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