Here's Why Your Refrigerated Items Are Coming Out Frozen

At some point, many people with a refrigerator will experience the problem of items in their fridge coming out frozen instead of just cold. In some cases, this is just a nuisance, but in others, it can ruin the food.

One main issue you should be concerned about is that, if your fridge is freezing food, it's probably using more energy than it needs to. Therefore, this problem is costing you a lot of money, too. There are several reasons why your fridge can start freezing items.

The Temperature Setting is Too Low

In the simplest case, you, or someone else, may have set the temperature in your fridge too low. If this happens, some of the items inside will be coming out frozen. This is a problem that can be simply corrected by turning the fridge thermostat to a higher setting. A medium figure is usually okay, however, if your fridge allows you to set the temperature, set it at 40°F.

The Coils Are Dirty or Dusty

Dirty or dusty coils mean that heat from the refrigerator isn't being dissipated properly. As a result, the compressor will respond by running harder for longer periods. This can result in the fridge becoming over-cooled, and this can case drinks and foods to start freezing. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from your fridge coils regularly to avoid this.

The Freezer Door Gasket Doesn't Seal Properly

Both the fridge and freezer doors have a gasket that ensures the inside is properly sealed, preventing cold air from escaping. If the gasket for your freezer door doesn't seal properly, it will cause the freezer to run for longer periods. As a result, the temperature in the fridge section will also be lower.

Check the Air Duct

Some new refrigerator models have an air duct that is positioned near where milk is usually kept in a refrigerator. This air duct is supposed to keep the milk cooler than other parts of the refrigerator. However, if the duct isn't in the right place, check if there is a means of closing it.

Refrigerant Leak

In extreme cases, the reason why items in your fridge are freezing can be due to a refrigerant leak. If the refrigerant is leaking into the fridge, it will cause the temperatures inside to drop until the refrigerant is exhausted. You'll need professional refrigerator repair to deal with this. Companies like Sub-Zero Affordable Repair can help.

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