Pros And Cons Of A Solid Wall Below Your Deck

When it comes to designing a deck that you'll have built behind your house, there are several ways to plan how the space beneath the deck will look. While some homeowners favor leaving this space open except for the posts, others will use wooden or plastic lattice as a wall. Another approach is to use a solid wall below the surface of the deck; in some cases, you might even have your deck contractor build a wall out of stones or brick. Here are some pros and cons to think about before you move forward with this design.

Pro: Keeps Pests Out

One of the issues that you can encounter with a deck that is open underneath is that neighborhood pests get under it. A family of skunks might decide to call this dark and private space home, for example, which would almost certainly lead to bad encounters if you have a pet dog. When you enclose the space below your deck, you'll be blocking access to any pests that might think about getting into this area.

Con: Prevents Storage

When you can get access beneath your deck you have a viable place to store certain things that you own. For example, if you have a pool next to the deck, you might ask your children to keep their flotation devices and water toys stored in this area. You can also keep gardening supplies out of sight beneath the deck. A solid wall below the deck's surface prohibits you from using this potentially valuable storage space.

Pro: Offers A Professional Look

A big advantage of a solid wall of this nature is that it looks professional and tidy. Wooden or plastic lattice may offer some functionality, but it doesn't exactly look fancy. An open space below the deck allows people to see what you have stored in that space, which can make this part of your yard look a little messy. A solid wall gives the appearance of completing the deck project and provides a neat and tidy look.

Con: Adds To The Expense

There's little question that adding a solid wall below the surface of your deck increases the expense of this project. This can especially be true if you want a structure made of something like stone or brick. The least expensive option for a deck project is to leave this space open, but adding a wall means that you'll be paying for the raw materials as well as the labor of your decking contractor to get the job done.

Speak with your deck services contractor for more information about different design options for the space underneath your deck.

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