Is It Time To Get Your Garage Organized?

Does it seem like your garage has become the family catch-all? Perhaps you go into your garage and see things like kid's toys, half-opened soda cans, and sweatshirts that have simply been dropped in a corner of the room.  It might even be that you wonder where you're going to park your second car, or even your only car. If you have decided that it's finally time to get your garage organized, from getting rid of stuff to buying storage containers, here are some ideas that might help you.

Involve The Family

Think about it. You didn't make the mess in your garage by yourself, so why should you have to clean and organize it by yourself? Maybe it's time to have a little family meeting where you give the spouse and your kids the news that cleaning day is on its way. Actually circle the chosen day on a calendar, and ask your family not to make plans for that particular day. When the day arrives, consider starting your project super early after a good breakfast. Have designated bins for things that will go to charity, things that need to be taken inside your house, things that might be part of a yard sale and, of course, things that actually go into the garbage.

Go Shopping

Before the actual day that you're going to organize your garage, make a plan of things you need to buy. For example, if your garage doesn't already have shelves in it, consider buying heavy duty ones that will hold things like storage bins, paint cans, and tools. Think about how you want to organize your hand tools. For example, you can purchase a magnetic strip to hold many of the lighter hand tools -- things like pliers and scissors. Will you be storing holiday decorations in the garage? If so, think about matching the decorations to the color of the storage container. For example, Christmas decorations could go into a red bin, Halloween items could go into an orange bin, and so on. Think about purchasing a rack for holding bicycles and scooters, too.  Companies like Cinti Closets LLC also offer unique storage solutions. 

Add some interest to the garage by putting up some attractive signs. For example, one sign could say something like There's a place for everything and everything should be in its place. After your garage looks nice and clean, consider choosing one day a week, probably a Saturday, to have the family tidy things up to maintain your organized garage.

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