What To Do When Weeds Pop Up Around Your Cafe

If you want to keep your customers happy, you might add new items to the menu or change up your decor to match the season. But if you don't spend time on the sidewalks and grass in front of your cafe, weeds can quickly pop up and put a damper on your business. Weeds are hearty plants that can even find ways to outsmart cold weather. You can outsmart the weeds taking over your commercial property with the information below.

What Makes Weeds So Hearty?

Weeds are hearty plants because of how they survive throughout the year. Some weeds grow well in the summer then die or hibernate during the cold season. Other types of weeds grow well in the cold season then die in the summer. There are different types of weeds that can survive all year long. The weeds taking over your cafe's grass and sidewalks can be either one of these types of plants.

Because of the ability to pop up in different times of the year, it may be difficult to get rid of the weeds on your property. You might not have time to pull the weeds out of the soil by hand or with a gardening tool. If you do try to physically remove the plants by hand, you can still leave behind their roots. Roots can allow the plants to grow back or spread out to new areas. 

You'll need to take drastic action and have the weeds professionally treated. 

How Do You Get Rid of Weeds?

You can try to eliminate the weeds on your cafe's property by spraying weedkiller on the plants. However, if you use the wrong type of chemical, it may make the problem worse. Different types of weeds may require specific treatments to eliminate them. It's a good idea that you contact a commercial contractor for help, such as a professional at http://snydersweedcontrol.com/.

A contractor can use methods that control how weeds grow on your property, including pre-emergent herbicides. The treatments prevent the seeds of weeds from germinating and emerging from the soil. This method works well for weeds that can grow once a year in the summer or once a year in the winter. 

To treat weeds that grow perennially, or all year round, a contractor may use a post-emergent herbicide. The treatment destroys the plant after it emerges from the soil. A contractor will generally examine the type of weeds on your property before they administer treatment.

If you're ready to remove the unsightly weeds from around your cafe, contact a weed control contractor today.

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