Should Copper Rain Chains Be Used As Part Of Your Hardscaping?

Part of hardscaping is finding ways to contrast your landscape architecture with the existing vegetation. If you are environmentally conscious, you can use hardscaping to conserve on sources, such as water usage. One effective means of doing that is to install copper rain chains on your gutters.

Why Use Copper Rain Chains?

Copper rain chains are a substitute for the downspouts. Instead of water being diverted from your home by the downspouts, the rain chains can do it. The chains often have several decorative cups along their lengths that will help them to blend in with any architectural style.

The chains have several benefits, but one benefit that might be especially appealing to you is the cost. Rain chains are far more cost effective than downspouts. The chains can lead to additional savings because you can divert the water collected from your roof to a garden, which means less watering and usage.

Rain chains can also add to a relaxing environment you want to create in your yard. The sound of the running water can help with muffling outside noises and provide a calming background sound.

Using copper rain chains is preferable to aluminum chains. Aluminum has a shorter life expectancy and is not as durable. Aluminum can be easily dented, but copper can stand up to knocks.

Are There Drawbacks?

Copper rain chains can work for most homes, but if you live in an area that has a rainy climate, you might have to combine the usage of the chains with the downspouts.

For instance, parts of your home that are shielded from the direct flow of rainwater, such as by another building structure, could have the rain chains. The heavier impacted areas can have the downspouts.

Another potential issue is that the rain chains can have frozen water in them during the cold weather months. This can make them heavier. However, frequent checks of the rain chains can help to avoid this issue.

Your contractor can also make sure the chains are installed, so the water is not allowed to settle, but it is immediately diverted elsewhere. Some people choose to divert the water to barrels to save for use later.

Talk to your contractor to learn more about the copper rain chains and to get an assessment of your home's needs. If the chains are right for your home, you can work with the contractor to select the chains that are most complementary to your home's style.

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