How To Get Rid Of Dandelions Without Resorting To Herbicides

Dandelions might be bright and yellow, but nothing ruins a green yard faster than these invasive weeds. Many homeowners turn to herbicides to get rid of them, spraying each flower or sprinkling pelleted weed control agents across the yard. However, if you would rather not use chemical measures, there are ways to get rid of these pesky weeds without herbicides. Here are a few ideas to try:

Remove Them Manually

If you only have a few dandelions in your yard, then this is a good method to try. It's a bit time-consuming, but you'll have a dandelion-free yard very soon. Use a sharp gardening spade, like one you would use to plant annuals. Dig each dandelion out, being careful to remove the entire root. If the roof breaks while you're digging out the dandelion, dig a bit deeper to remove the severed root. If you leave any root behind, the plant may just grow back.

You'll need to keep up with this method for a few weeks, removing new dandelions as they pop up. Make sure you always remove them before they turn white and go to seed. If they're allowed to go to seed, the seeds will scatter, causing many more dandelions to pop up.

Pour Boiling Water On Them

If you have trouble digging out the dandelion roots or if there are too many dandelions to remove this way, try using boiling water to kill them instead. The water will scorch and kill the leaves, preventing the dandelion from harvesting enough sunlight to make enough food to keep itself alive. Just prepare a pot of boiling water, and pour some over each plant, making sure you douse each leaf and flower.

A few days after you douse your dandelions with boiling water, check the yard. If there are any dandelions that are not fully brown and dead, pour boiling water over them again.

Try White Vinegar

Large, stubborn dandelions might not react that well to boiling water since they're able to store so many nutrients in their roots. If there are dandelions that survive a few boiling water treatments or ones that are so large you're confident that won't succumb to the water, try pouring white vinegar on them instead. The only downfall of this method is that you have to be careful not to get the vinegar on the surrounding plants -- it will kill them, too. 

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