Five Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Water Softener In Good Shape

It's true that water softeners are fairly easy to keep running and maintained. However, there are a few things you need to make a point of doing on a regular basis to ensure that your water softener continues operating effectively and doesn't require a lot of repairs.

The following are five important maintenance tasks to keep up on if you have a water softener in your home:

Check the brine levels regularly

One of the most important things you need to do to keep a water softener functioning properly is make sure it has an adequate amount of brine in it. A water softener needs to have salt in it in order to soften the water that goes through your home's system. 

Check the manufacturer's instructions to see what level of brine you need to have in your tank. You also should make sure that you're putting the right type of brine in your water softener. While some softeners use regular brine, others are designed to use block salt. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you're using the right substance.

Use a pre-filter to avoid sediment and sludge buildup

Pre-filters in water softener filter water before it goes into the unit to lessen the job of the water softener.

Particles that are in both city and well water can damage water softener parts like gaskets and seals. Using a pre-filter can remove these substances and minimize wear and tear on a water softener system over time. 

Clean the tank regularly as directed by the manufacturer

Residue is likely to build up in your tank over time, and it needs to be cleaned away to keep your water softener functioning optimally. Cleaning out a water softener is a fairly involved task, so it's probably best to have an experienced water softener service provider handle it. 

Clear away mushy salt buildup and break up salt bridges

One maintenance task that is necessary often enough that you'll probably have to handle it yourself is breaking up salt buildup that accumulates in the tank. 

Salt bridges can be broken up if you pour hot water over them. You can break up mush using a long spoon and then scoop it out and dispose of it. 

Inspect valves regularly

The valves on your water softener should be occasionally inspected and exercised to ensure proper functioning. Simply twisting the intake and outtake valves into the off position and switching them back on once every few months can keep them functioning reliably. 

Contact a service, like Dupage Water Conditioning, for more help.

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