Three Unexpected Advantages Of Using Awnings Above Your Home's Windows

If you decide to buy awnings and have them installed over some of the windows in your home, you may be doing so for visual reasons. Awnings can augment the appearance of your home, providing some desirable curb appeal, and the multitude of available colors and styles means that you can easily match your new awnings to your home's appearance. However, you might be pleased to realize, over time, that the addition of the awnings is providing a series of other advantages. Here are three potentially unexpected benefits that you'll encounter upon having awnings installed above your home's windows.

Help With Cooling Costs

In the summertime, the heat that enters your home through your windows can cause you to pay more in cooling costs to keep your home's interior at your desired temperature. While you may attempt to reduce the heat coming in through the windows by keeping your drapes shut, this effort can be a time-consuming process and one that is easy to forget. When you have awnings installed, they'll block some of the sun's rays — especially around midday when the sun is high in the sky. You'll still enjoy the brightness that comes with having your drapes open, but the placement of the awnings above the windows can keep some of the sun's heat out of your home.

More Privacy From Neighbors

Awnings can also provide a high degree of privacy from neighbors, especially those above you. With your windows on the ground floor, for example, it's often possible for a neighbor to easily see through these windows from the upper floor of his or her home. While you might not necessarily have a "peeping Tom" living next to you, no one likes the feeling of being watched. With awnings in place, it's much more difficult for someone above you to see in through your windows.

Protection For Window Planters

If you're the type of person who enjoys seeing vibrant flowers when you look through your windows, you might have window planters installed outside some of the ground-floor windows throughout your home. Without awnings, these plants can be susceptible to the elements. A hard, driving rain, for example, can wash some of the soil out of the planters and expose the plants' roots, which may result in them dying. When you have an awning over the window, it's less likely that the plants will get hit with the rain directly, which can help to improve their longevity.

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