Three Reasons To Choose An Open Floor Plan For Your Next Home

Ranch floor plans are currently a popular option with many homeowners. If you're on the fence as to whether you should go with an open floor plan or a floor plan that boasts more defined spaces, check out some of the reasons that the open floor plan remains a top choice.

1. The Open Floor Plan Works Well for Entertaining

The open floor plan essentially puts your dining area, kitchen, and living room in one large room. If you like to entertain or host holiday gatherings, the open floor plan is a great option. Thanks to the lack of walls, you can converse with your guests while you put the finishing touches on your meal.

When you are trying to cook multiple dishes and set the table, it's easy to feel segregated from your guests. Open floor plans help eliminate this issue by ensuring your guests are always within view.

If you have children, an open floor plan makes it possible to keep an eye on your children while you cook dinner or clean up the aftermath. When your kids get older and want to host sleepovers, you can supervise the party without cramping the fun.

2. You Can Define (and Redefine) Spaces Within the Room

One of the downfalls to a closed floor plan is that for the most part, the walls are permanent fixtures. If you decide that your dining area is too small, you are out of luck unless you want to undertake major renovations.

With an open floor plan, you define the spaces of the room using your furniture and decor. If you are unhappy with the size of your dining area, you have the option to swap your living room furniture for smaller pieces and invest in items that create a larger place to dine.

You may want to add privacy to a portion of the room. To do so, invest in a room divider. Room divers are an inexpensive, reversible way to block off a portion of the room and definition to the space.

3. Open Floor Plans Maximize Natural Light

The walls that are present in closed floor plans limit the flow of light through your home. An open floor plan lets light flow freely through the room. If natural light is important to you, an open floor plan is an easy way to take advantage of it. 

Thanks to their location, some homes feature picturesque views. The open floor plan lets you enjoy this lovely scenery from the kitchen, dining area, and living space. Combine the open floor plan with massive windows to fully appreciate your surroundings.

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