How To Quickly Clean A Metal Roof To Keep It Looking Beautiful

Metal roofs are remarkably durable. Lifespan estimates can be more than double a standard shingle roof. Metal roof manufacturers commonly offer warranties of 50 years or more, with most roofs far outlasting the warranty period. When a homeowner elects to have a metal roof, they can plan on the roof being there for a very long time.

Frequently, metal roofs, such as from Premium Panels Inc, are used as much for their aesthetic beauty as for their efficiency and long life. Overtime, the roof is going to need cleaned to maintain appearance. Here's how to easily clean a metal roof and help keep it looking beautiful for years.

  • Light Rinse

During periods where there is little or no rainfall, dirt and dust can build up on your metal roof. Most of the time, washing it down with a standard garden hose can prevent the accumulated build up of dirt. The dirt draws and holds heat.

When the sun hits these spots, it reduces the energy efficiency of the roof, plus gradually hardens the grime. After a while it becomes more difficult to remove, so a quick wash down of your roof will help eliminate this from happening.

  • Full Cleaning

Metal roofs should be cleaned annually to help maintain their appearance and keep them energy efficient. The first step is to perform a light rinse to get debris and loose dirt out of the way. A pressure washer is helpful, but they aren't essential.

A standard hose with a pinpoint high-pressure nozzle is best. You can give your metal roof a light rinse at any time, but for a full cleaning, it's best to do the job on a cloudy day. The cleaning solution will dry before it has ample time to work its magic.

There is a simple solution to remove stubborn dirt and even mold, which requires little effort. You'll need to make a one-time investment in a hose end sprayer that mixes solutions with the water coming through your hose. There are other household projections where they are useful, but you'll get your money's worth every time you clean your roof.

Set the dial on the hose end spray nozzle to mix one-cup per five gallons of water, and fill the container with standard liquid laundry detergent. Laundry detergent has active agents that immediately start to break down dirt. All you have to do is coat a damp roof and allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. There are premixed roof cleaning solutions you can purchase for situations that are more difficult.

If your home is in a heavily wooded area and prone to moss and mildew, insert another step in the cleaning process. First, add the same one-cup per five-gallon mixture to your hose end sprayer, but substitute ammonia in place of laundry soap.

Follow the same procedure, the rinse. The ammonia is going to break down the moss and mildew. Repeat the process a second time with the laundry solution and then rinse the roof.

If you rinse your roof during extended dry spells, plus do a full cleaning at least once a year, you'll find the job to be pretty simple. Keeping your metal roof clean will help maintain its beauty, remain energy efficient and last for years.

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