How To Use A Non-Working Fireplace

Whether your fireplace isn't working or you aren't using it during warm spring and summer months, there are several creative ways you can make the most of it. Fireplace mantels are ideal for displaying personal items and holiday decor, but you can also use the hearth as well.

Using a non-working fireplace to display and store items is also a good way to utilize all of the space in a small room, such as a master bedroom or living room. A plain, empty fireplace can even be an eyesore, so putting it to use can add to the aesthetics of a space. 

If the fireplace needs a little TLC, make any cosmetic adjustments before using it. This could include updating the fireplace and mantel with a fresh coat or two of paint, cleaning out the hearth to remove any old debris, or fixing any nicks or scrapes in the wood. If you have a brick fireplace, make sure the masonry is clean and in good condition.

Here are some ways that you can put your non-working fireplace to work:

1. Firewood Storage

Give the room a rustic look by using the fireplace as firewood storage. Place the logs into the fireplace hearth in neat rows, filling up the entire space. They'll either be ready to use in the fall, or you can keep them in the fireplace year-round to bring a bit of the outdoors in and give your home a relaxed cabin-inspired touch.

2. Candle Display 

If you love the look of a roaring fire but don't want to deal with the smoke, mess or heat, use candles instead. You can either just place random-sized pillar candles on the floor of the fireplace, or use decorative lanterns and holders. As a safer alternative to conventional flame-lit candles, consider using flame-less LED versions instead. 

Stick with all-white candles to give the room an elegant look, or change out the colors to reflect the seasons or holidays, such as orange, purple and black for Halloween. 

3. Book Storage 

If you're a book lover and have run out of storage on your shelves, an empty fireplace may be the perfect place to store your extra reading materials. Stack the tomes in the hearth neatly, with the colorful bindings facing out to add a bohemian touch to the space. 

4. Flowers

Another fresh way to transform an unused fireplace is with vases of flowers. Place one large vase filled with a bouquet of either fresh or realistic-looking faux flowers, using blooms that coordinate with the particular season, such as poinsettias in the winter. You can also place smaller flower vases across the fireplace mantel. 

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