You Might Be Giving Cockroaches A Happy Home Even If Yours Is Clean

Cockroaches are likely one of the most embarrassing and difficult to eradicate bugs that people encounter in their homes. Perhaps you have spotted a few of these six-legged pests around your home. If so, you need to take extermination matters seriously because these pests can also breed quickly, and they can do their dirty acts in places that are hard to detect such as behind walls. This means that by the time some people realize they have a cockroach problem, they may actually be on the borderline of an infestation. You can clean your home very thoroughly, but cockroaches will likely still be present if you defer extermination. You may be unknowingly providing the cockroaches in your home a perfect environment to live and thrive in.


Your home is the first form of shelter, but roaches need additional shelter to hide. They may hide and lay eggs in cardboard boxes and plastic bags. If you have a drawer in your home that is crammed with grocery bags, roaches may dwell there. Get rid of cardboard boxes, and use plastic storage boxes with lids. 


Cockroaches must have water to survive. When they are abundant in a home, there is likely a water source available. Some places they may find water are leaky pipes, your pet's bowl, basements, and appliances such as your refrigerator or air conditioner, which both produce condensation. Basements that are rarely accessed may be a breeding area because of the darkness and potential moisture. If you have noticed them in your cabinets that are located beneath sinks, there may be a plumbing leak present.

Unconventional Food

Perhaps you clean up crumbs and wash dishes regularly, and you may be under the impression that there is no food for the roaches; however, roaches are known to eat a variety of non-food substances such as cardboard boxes, newspapers, hair, leather, and glue. They will eat leftover food particles and trash, but those are a rare treat in a clean home, so they will settle for what they can find as long as their other needs are being met. 

A pest control provider is a good resource to use to determine why you have cockroaches. They can also offer you extermination services that reach areas where cockroach nests may be located. Ongoing treatment may be recommended to ensure that the pests do not repopulate, and if they try to, they will be discovered and eliminated before they can cause you new problems.

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